How To Choose A Perfect Running Shoes?

Published July 30, 2016 in Uncategorized - 0 Comments

First let me say there is no “best running shoes” term, there is just the one that become the perfect match of your feet. In this article, I will show you how to choose such a pair of shoes.

1. Number one factor whenever and whatever you choose is the shoe has to be well fitted with your feet. This shoe is for running so it has to be comfortable otherwise you feet will easily suffer from different foot health problems such as plantar fasciitis or heel pain. A well-fitted shoe help to improve the efficiency of your running, it supports your feet and muscle so that you run more and tireless. I don’t care if you like the style or it’s from trustable manufacturer…if the shoe does not fit, it’s a disaster and useless. Here are some tips to buy well-fitted shoes:

  • It would be ideal if you wear the shoes and still be able to put your index finger fittingly at the heel counter.
  • You should go to the store and find the staff and ask him to measure your feet, he may ask you to step on an electronic pad or, he would use the classic measure string to measure the length and width of your foot.
  • Some store even has a test treadmill, don’t hesitate to test what you gonna buy, wear it on and run a couple of minutes to make sure your feet is completely comfortable
  • Don’t just focus one the length and ignore the width. This is a big mistake because too tight in the middle will make the shoes easily torn and ripped.

2. It gotta be super durable! Yes of course, you can’t wear a vans or converse to the gym, that’s ridiculous. This is more important if you are a skilled runner who runs miles in your training session or a professional, just look at their shoes, they’re never new and fresh, but always old and worn-out. Because you not only upgrading you running skills in the gym but you also run on the road in the park or even in the wood and mountains(this is just for professionals), the shoes have to be really tough to last. Or else, in a few weeks, you gotta buy a new one. I recommend Nike, Addidas and New Balance, these are most durable running shoes brand in the market.

3. You should pick something nice and light! Lightweights shoes will satisfy you a lot a guaranteed it because lighter shoes mean your legs have to carry a lighter weight and that’s such a relief for long-distance runners! Nothing more drained than carrying a heavy item for a long distance. Right?