Types Of Shoes Which Are Never Afraid To Be Out Of Fashioned

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Fashion always changes according to season and even from day to day, so if you want to catch the trend, followers must have the financial capability. Many girls have found the optimal options – still fashionable without being empty pocket.


Not joining the bandwagon, girls seek to buy the basic design to suit every outfit, circumstances and can be used year-round. In other words, these types of shoes below are never out of fashion and women only have to replace another pair when they are damaged.
This will help women to save quite a bit, save money for other pleasures, such as buying clothes, cosmetics skin care, makeup… This list will make the choice of women when going to the shoes stores to be easier. Girls do not have to think, search or ask someone much before deciding to buy a pair of shoes for themselves.

Let’s look at the shoes which are never old-fashion:

1. Basic plain colored clogs

Are you looking for clogs which suit any outfit and not outdated? Do not ignore the plain colored design spearhead. Girls can buy more colors to change costume and avoid feeling bored all day while using a double.

Girls can find easily spearhead clogs with suede or real leather materials in local stores with an acceptable price.

2. Ballet flats

Ballet flats are the reliable companion of many girls. They even always appear in the list “should have” in every shoe cupboard. In spite of not giving the charming footsteps as heels, in return ballet flats can be easily matched with many dresses, especially suitable when you have to walk a lot.

This kind of shoes will help those who wear it become more feminine, pretty and confident in all activities. With those reasons, ballet flats are always the top choice for girls, and also the favorite one that men will be attracted by who wear them

In fact, many girls are not used to heels and are loyal to ballet flats. Because of this favor, the ballet flats market is very diverse which offer various designs to meet the demands of consumers.

3. Espadrilles

Although there are a lot of kinds of shoes out there, espadrilles still win the hearts from many girls. Simple design with strong shoelace, espadrilles always bring dynamic feeling to the user.

Not also merely combining with jeans, short shorts, now many girls even use these shoes with tutu whose design is very sexy.

4. Dr. Martens half-boots

Dr. Martens is famous for its personality styles and its shoes are the favorite choice for many rocker generations, and rebellious punk style followers. However, nowadays, this pair of half-boots is the common trend of many shoes fans.


5. Flat boots

Those high boots to the knee or calf are always the number one choice of girls in the cold season. With this design, the girls still look cool without worrying about foot pain when moving a lot. Flat boots with skinny pants, shorts, short skirts can match together.

What Micheal Jordan like his basketball shoes to have?

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Having right basketball shoes is essential to us players, whether you are a professional NBA player, or just amateur, someone take it a hobby. From the perspective of an 8-year player who play for my high school and college I can tell that a good pair of basketball shoes is absolutely crucial and not just for looks. You may see that some “fashionista” or sneakerhead out there buy sneaker just for fun or to take more good-looking photograph, but you should know the real benefits behind the “Jordan”:

  • A good gear will make you run faster, jump higher, good outsole of the shoes enable athletes to switch direction easily so that you can use your passing drills effectively to beat the competitor’s defender.
  • A bad gear can embarrass you in front of thousand people and watchers through TV by making its owner slipped on the floor and what worse is you probably end up having a serious injury.
  • Even a “normal” gear doesn’t seem right! You need to have what you feel comfortable the most when in the game, not something strange.
  • Here are some common injuries when you wear a bad-fit shoes: you ankle hurt, heel pain, back pain, sprain, can’t play within at least 2 weeks(to deal with sprain a high-top is necessary, it appears in every professional match). Trying a bad pair of shoes in a game can cost you at least one week, you will come home with achy feet and unable to walk normally(and cry every next time you see the ball!)

Basketball shoes are like a culture, inspired from basketball and a little street style: Jordan, Kobe, D-Rose, Lebron, Nike,….You don’t need to pay a thousand for a good one, there a thousand choices out there, but what is good for you? If you are a newbie just a few bucks is enough, just make sure what you gonna buy include:

  • It’s a high-top: this is compulsory for a true basketball player, not only it make you look more like “Jordan” but it also help you to avoid sprain.
  • It’s durable: Basketball is a hardcore sport, very competitive, it is not for weakness, so if you wear a good-looking style but not tough enough you will end up buying a new one more durable within a month.
  •  It’s a good point that you shoes is lightweight. That will make you fast. My recommend is the newest kit from Addidas – The Crazylight Boost 2015, when being on feet it’s like you’re stepping on clouds, I feel like I can fly up to the basket and make a serious dunk!
  •  It has to be comfortable, of course. That will allow you to step into the zone, a correct feel in the game will boost your performance to the maximum limit.

When buying  shoes you should not buy it online unless you try it in advance, that you can borrow the shoes from you friends on the court you often play to test a feel game with it, then decide wisely. Or else you should go to the store and be on feet around maybe some run and jumps just to make sure the shoes is completely comfortable. Price is not the issue here because most of basketball shoes are range from $30 to $200 that’s very enough to find a good one. Finally, good luck!

How To Find The Right Shoes For Your Training

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Exercising regularly is one of the best habits that you can develop. But it’s not the more you do, the better it is. To build this habit, you have to start small and increase your level gradually. In exercises, effectiveness and continuousness are far more important than quantity. One of the best ways you can improve your training effectiveness right now and easily is investing in good exercise shoes. Nowadays, people tend to find good-looking exercise shoes due to the effect of media but “good-looking” often equals “supportiveness decreasing”. This is a big mistake. You must be aware of your initial purpose when going to the gym, it’s not to show off your style or pose photos and upload them to the social media, it is all about shaping your body and keeping a good health.


Good shoes not only supports your feet while training(like you run faster and longer distance), but they also have a very important role: Helping you to avoid injuries and foot related problems. Of course, these things are unavoidable in sports but better shoes mean lower risk. In addition to trauma and injuries, shoes also help you to reduce pain from blisters and bunions, which are very easy to get among people who often do exercise.

So now, let’s find out how to find good shoes for your workout:

Note: You should check how much time you had worn your current shoes, if it had been 4 months, replace them now. Because that’s the average time for exercise shoes to go down if you had a strong training routine like 5-7 days a week. If you don’t that should be a bit longer. It also depends on whether you wear only one pair of shoes or not, so this is the first lesson to learn: rotate your shoes often, buy at least two pairs, one of normal training, one for excessive exercises, this will preserve you shoes for much longer.

1. You must go to shoes store in the evening because your feet are biggest in the evening, you will have the biggest size of your feet so you don’t end up buying tight shoes. By the way, bring along you socks, you will need them.

2. You should know you foot type. Thre are 3 foot type: Normal, Flat and High Arch. The later can easily cause foot related problems so be careful if you have these types. You should ask the dealer for advice, usually they will have particular shoes for these type of foot.

3. Different sports and different training methods need differrent types of shoes. Because each sport needs different kinds of support, for instance:

  • Running and walking need front to back motion support.
  • Aerobics need super light weight and durability, supports all angles.
  • Basketball shoe is harder, tougher, and heavy-duty.

Follow these tips I hope you can find the perfect exercise shoes for yourself so as to boost your performance as well as reduce pain and injuries

How To Choose A Perfect Running Shoes?

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First let me say there is no “best running shoes” term, there is just the one that become the perfect match of your feet. In this article, I will show you how to choose such a pair of shoes.

1. Number one factor whenever and whatever you choose is the shoe has to be well fitted with your feet. This shoe is for running so it has to be comfortable otherwise you feet will easily suffer from different foot health problems such as plantar fasciitis or heel pain. A well-fitted shoe help to improve the efficiency of your running, it supports your feet and muscle so that you run more and tireless. I don’t care if you like the style or it’s from trustable manufacturer…if the shoe does not fit, it’s a disaster and useless. Here are some tips to buy well-fitted shoes:

  • It would be ideal if you wear the shoes and still be able to put your index finger fittingly at the heel counter.
  • You should go to the store and find the staff and ask him to measure your feet, he may ask you to step on an electronic pad or, he would use the classic measure string to measure the length and width of your foot.
  • Some store even has a test treadmill, don’t hesitate to test what you gonna buy, wear it on and run a couple of minutes to make sure your feet is completely comfortable
  • Don’t just focus one the length and ignore the width. This is a big mistake because too tight in the middle will make the shoes easily torn and ripped.

2. It gotta be super durable! Yes of course, you can’t wear a vans or converse to the gym, that’s ridiculous. This is more important if you are a skilled runner who runs miles in your training session or a professional, just look at their shoes, they’re never new and fresh, but always old and worn-out. Because you not only upgrading you running skills in the gym but you also run on the road in the park or even in the wood and mountains(this is just for professionals), the shoes have to be really tough to last. Or else, in a few weeks, you gotta buy a new one. I recommend Nike, Addidas and New Balance, these are most durable running shoes brand in the market.

3. You should pick something nice and light! Lightweights shoes will satisfy you a lot a guaranteed it because lighter shoes mean your legs have to carry a lighter weight and that’s such a relief for long-distance runners! Nothing more drained than carrying a heavy item for a long distance. Right?